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09:00 AM Opening Keynote: Perfecting Landing Pages

Keynote Speaker: Bryan Eisenberg, Eisenberg Holdings LLC

Landing pages are a critical part of every marketer’s toolbox. In order to create highly effective landing pages, marketers must understand the 10 key elements in the anatomy of a landing page and the role they play as part of a greater conversion optimization framework.

Do you know the critical issues that make people convert? Ultimately, it’s about more than just changing a color, or moving items around on your web pages. Bryan will demonstrate proven methods that will make an impact and increase conversion rates.

10:00 AM Social Media for Small Business and the Enterprise

Businesses small and large have an opportunity to use Social Media for marketing and customer support, but the choices of strategies and tactics are almost endless. In this session you will learn:

  • How to prioritize your social media channels
  • When to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, SlideShare, Instagram, etc.
  • What tactics can work and which ones are a waste of your time
  • How to budget for social media
  • How social media and public relations feed off of each other
  • How social media helps in search visibility
02:00 PM The Art and Science of Link Building

Link building remains important and while Google and Bing are changing the way they count links as votes for your site and content, authentic links are still key to the success of your content marketing and SEO initiatives.  This session will discuss:

  • Why links are still important
  • How some links can be bad for you
  • Different kinds of links
  • Link building strategies for product, service, B to B and small businesses
01:00 PM Content Marketing for SEO & Social

Great content is more important than ever.  Content is critical for the success of SEO and Social Media initiatives.  In this session you’ll learn best practices in:

  • Leveraging existing content
  • Creating new content inexpensively internally
  • When to outsource content creation
  • Video SEO strategies
  • How content syndication can drive marketing and SEO success
11:00 AM Social Media and SEO: Apples and Oranges or Unified Strategy?

Social media is the new “shiny object” within agencies and marketing departments. However, many social media teams operate in silos. Some report into customer service; others into the VP of marketing. For many businesses, Social media has the ability to influence new customers and make existing customers even happier. Some experts believe that social media can also deliver an added benefit of SEO visibility improvements. Learn why your social media investments might also deliver value to your search visibility.

03:15 PM Algo-proof SEO

Google continues to make algorithm updates beyond Panda, Penguin, EMD, and Hummingbird. Like hurricanes, the named Google algorithm changes can leave destruction in their paths. Learn what best practices are suggested by experts advising clients to develop algo-proof SEO strategies.

04:15 PM SEO and Landing Page Workshop

Perhaps the most valuable part of the eMA track at the conference, this workshop will allow all attendees to learn from a live review of the volunteer sites by SEO and landing page experts. See what areas can be improved upon and what is being done right. This is the closest to free consulting you’ll ever get. Because we are limiting the size of the eMA track, there is a a good chance you’ll get your site reviewed.

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tony wright headshot b&w

Tony Wright

Marketing Professional

With more than 14 years of hands-on and strategic experience in interactive marketing and ...
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James Svoboda

Managing Partner at

James Svoboda is Managing Partner at and has been in search marketing since ...
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Darryl Sharper

VP & GM, Global Search, Display and Social Products

Darryl Sharper is the VP and General Manager for hibu’s global search, display and ...
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Joselin Mane

Consultant, Owner of LITBeL

Joselin Mane is a Passionate Internet Marketing Consultant with 20 years of computer ...
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Liz Walker Head Shot

Liz Walker

Consultant, Liz Walker Marketing Consulting

Liz Walker is an award winning global marketer with interactive and behavioral marketing ...
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